Our Reason for Existence

How did it all go so wrong?

Why are so many Americans so ready to sell out the environment? Why do so many Americans believe politicians will bring them jobs if we allow them to destroy the water and air on behalf of their international corporate campaign donors? Why is man-made climate change still a political “debate”, despite the fact that 97% of climate scientists are in agreement? How does campaign finance affect the environment? How have we allowed for the destruction of 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest daily? How are we to resolve these and other massively existential and complicated questions while mitigating the damage that’s already been done to the planet?

Against Nature is a new blog that collects stories and facts about climate change, the environment’s effects on people’s lives by those most affected, as well as those affecting the most change.

Interviews being posted now and in the near future will include conversations with activists, environmentalists, policymakers, thinkers, tinkerers, voters, historians, and anyone who has an original solution or take on how we got to this point and how we can stabilize the climate so that it ceases to poison all of the citizens on the planet.

We’d like to hear your suggestions on who you would like us to interview. We are especially interested in hearing from potential contributors, advertisers, and philanthropists.

Climate deniers are welcome too. We just ask that you add something constructive to the discussion.

email: againstnatureblog@gmail.com

twitter: @_againstnature